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Very honest and truly willing to help you if he can’t. Willing to listen and answer any questions.
-John Latshaw IV – a week ago

I had already “interviewed” a few attorneys when I called Steve. Not only was his insight more informed, his initial thoughts on the matter represented a different approach altogether from what I heard from the others – an approach that ended up saving me who knows how much in legal fees and headaches, had I chosen one of the other local firms! Trust is a rare thing in the world today – when it’s then combined with a competence and client-first approach? Priceless. Needless to say, I wouldn’t hesitate to retain his
services in the future!
-Kacie Rodriguez- a month ago

I had already “interviewed” a few attorneys when I called Steve. Not only was his insight more informed, his initial thoughts on the matter represented a different approach altogether from what I heard from the others – an approach that ended up saving me who knows how much in legal fees and headaches, had I chosen one of the other local firms! Trust is a rare thing in the world today – when it’s then combined with a competence and client-first approach? Priceless. Needless to say, I wouldn’t hesitate to retain his services in the future!
-Mandy Wee – a month ago

Stephan helped me navigate a traffic violation with an officer that was being very difficult, in which I kept my license. He handled the situation very respectfully and I would recommend him to anyone in a similar situation.
-Rafael Torres – a month ago

Stephen Grosh is a fantastic, expert criminal defense lawyer. My own bad decisions landed me in jail, on a secure bail, and within days Mr. Grosh had both my bail unsecured AND my probation officer willing to release me without citing me for violating my probation. And despite my bad decisions carrying the weight of anywhere from three to nine or more MONTHS in jail, I was only sentenced to probation.From start to finish Mr. Grosh was straightforward about my options and what to expect within the justice system – both in jail and in the courtroom. He was also compassionate and without judgment, and treated me with dignity and respect. He met with me in a courtroom holding cell, again in jail, later in his office, and was right there with me in court, and strongly advocated on my behalf in front of the judge. If it weren’t for him, I don’t think I would be able to leave this testimonial, because I would be serving a jail sentence instead of concurrent probation. I am 100% satisfied with his services, and am immensely grateful for them, too.

I highly recommend Stephen Grosh to anyone who is facing any kind of criminal charge in Lancaster county – especially if they are on probation and have the weight of a potential violation hanging over their heads! Thank you so much, Mr. Grosh!
-Jenn Foreacre – 2 months ago

Steve Grosh was able to settle my divorce and custody case quickly & efficiently. Attorney/client communication was speedy, and having someone so experienced who was able to get me the outcome I was hoping for was wonderful. His honesty throughout every step of the entire process was greatly appreciated and I would highly recommend him to anyone searching for a knowledgeable and friendly attorney.
-Lauren Brooks – 2 months ago

Mr grosh by far is a superb attorney! I have been working with him for a few months and he made it as easy for me as possible. He had gone above and beyond to try and help me with my case! Thank you mr grosh! I hope i will not need to see you again( in the nicest way possible =])
-nixxii doll – 2 months ago

Stephen Grosh is a great. He’s not only an extremely kind and genuine person, he’s an amazing attorney
-Courtney Dipaolo – 2 months ago

Mr. Grosh is a highly qualified attorney who handles complex litigation matters. He is also well respected in the Lancaster community. He is a true professional who will help you mitigate legal issues.
-Trey Johnson – 3 months ago

Steve helped me through some very tough times and never once let me down. Steve is reliable and compassionate he made a huge difference in my life. I highly recommend Steve.
-michael mccloskey – 3 months ago

I definitely recommend his services! I have no regrets choosing him! He’s awesome!!
-Valessa Rosario – 3 months ago

I was in need of Stephen Grosh’s services about 6 years. I was 3 months into dealing with a legal situation and called him. Within 2 days of him sending out a letter, the legal situation went away. Fast forward now. After dealing with a legal issue for 1 week, I called Stephen Grosh. Within 3 hours of him sending an email, the legal situation went away. He is AMAZING at what he does!! Please dont waste your time and money talking to other lawyers, Stephen will get it done!!
-Aimee Stern -4 months ago

Steve Grosh’s knowledge of the law and tenacity make him an extremely effective advocate and someone you want on your side. In my nearly two decades in the District Attorney’s Office, he was always a fierce adversary, yet also the consummate professional. If you are in need of counsel for criminal defense, family law or myriad of other legal services, you cannot go wrong by retaining Steve.
-Chris Larsen – 3 months ago

Stephen Grosh is by far the best legal representation I have come across. He is pationate about his work and truly cares about the lives of those he represents. I was looking at a possible 6 months in jail, thanks to Mr. Grosh I was given a break and will only recieve a small fine. His prices are also very reasonable; with his level of commitment and ability you can expect to pay thousands of dollars anywhere else.
-David F – 5 months ago

My boyfriend Rob, used Steven Grosh for a DUI he had gotten and Mr.Grosh was great! He was able to get us sentence reduced dramatically and was able to get his SCRAM bracelet off early which was great because he got it off about 5 months early and at $400 a month, saved my boyfriend a lot of money! I would highly recommended this lawyer for any DUI case you may have, he is a much better option than a public defender!
-Brittany Kreider – 6 months ago

rom the very beginning, Steve was extremely supportive. What I liked the most was that he was honest and realistic throughout the entire process. He also has great relationships within the legal community which allows him to negotiate on his client’s behalf to an even greater extent. He is always available to his clients and truly takes the time to listen to them to answer any questions they may have regarding the process. Overall, I could not have hoped for a better attorney to represent me. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of legal counsel.
-Anthony Boak – 7 months ago

Attorney Grosh has been extremely helpful in what has been a far from simple criminal matter. We spoke with a multitude of attorneys before meeting with Steve, deciding immediately after our consultation to retain his services. He is realistic, forthright, and most importantly honest. His legal fees are more than fair. We feel confident we selected the right attorney and that he really works for his clients best intrests. We certainly will be returning if the need ever arises.
-Rachael Charnock – 7 months ago

My boyfriend has never been let down using Steve as his lawyer. Highly recommend!
-Ashley King- 3 months ago

So glad I chose Stephen to represent me. And his assistant Amneris was always there to assist, without any delay. I reside in another State, and had a legal issue arise from a property rental while on vacation. Stephen was a true professional in his handling of my case. Took his time always to listen and respond to me. His legal fees were extremely fair, as I had done my homework for others in the same area. I did not need to come back to PA for my case, as it was entirely handled by Stephen, saving me time and money. I would highly recommend him to friends, family, or any others that require representation. You can’t go wrong.
Thank you Stephen!
-James Fantich – 7 months ago

Steve Grosh is probably the nicest lawyer I have ever had the pleasure of having to handle my issues with. He will talk you through everything you need and be there for you. I wouldn’t want any other lawyer besides him.
-Brett Geesey -8 months ago

Steve and his assistant, Amneris, are both wonderful to work with. I highly recommend them. They are very thorough and communicate well with everyone!
-Lisa Dale – 8 months ago

Very knowledgeable and professional. Does what’s needed to help his clients out best way possible.
-Justin Bauder – 8 months ago

Very proffesional but easy to talk to and explains what you should expect so no surprises. He does great work
-Luis Maldonado – 9 months ago

Very helpful great lawyer
-Kaleb Carroll – 9 months ago

If you want a successful outcome, This is the right Law firm to Contact. Put your mind at ease, So that you can get a good night sleep call Mr. Stephen. Very impressive. They care…
-Nelson Ojeda – 10 months ago

Stephen Grosh was AMAZING at a very emotional time through my separation and divorce. He was consistently informative and a wonderful advocate for me but also very caring, compassionate and responded very timely!!! He was professional but also easy to talk with and work through everything that was going on at a difficult time for me. I would highly recommend Steve!!!
-Lorie Parmer -10 months ago

Mr. Stephen Grosh was my attorney the very first time i ever had to go before a judge. I was so impressed with his professionalism care and compassion that i chose him everytime i needed help. He made me feel like i wasnt alone, like someone had my back.I went through a rough period in my life and he was one of the few people who truly believed in me. And im proud to say im sober and off parole and finally enjoying life. And though i no longer need his services for myself ive already asked for his assistance for one of my children and i recommend him 100% of the time to any friends and family
-Verna Wiker – 10 months ago

Steve Grosh handled my criminal case very smoothly. he guided me through all the changes and steps we had to go through in the last 8-9 months. and still continues to answer any questions i have about how the system works. i highly recommend this lawyer to anyone looking for the fairest deal and i will be calling him for any of my future needs. thanks for everything you have done and still do for me steve!
-jeff cassell – 11 months ago

I was concerned and nervous about a possible civil lawsuit against me. Attorney Grosh was very professional and honest in my consultation and put my mind at ease right away. Thank you, again, for your advice and honesty (no one ever thinks they’ll say that to a lawyer). I highly recommend his services!
Debbie Weaver
-Debbie Weaver – a year ago

Attorney Grosh’s timely and direct legal advice has protected me on three specific occasions they gave me and my family much-needed piece of mind at our time of need. We especially appreciate that we could get him on the phone and never feel like an imposition and his plain talk was easy to understand. I consider him my a trusted family friend.
Jim Della Croce Delaware Water Gap, PA
-Pathfinder Management – a year ago

Stephen is amazing he dose great work.. he works your case very well and digs till he finds what he is looking for.. he is always walking you threw everything.. he is always willing to work on any case great man..
-Johnna Thomas – a year ago

Steve Grosh was a great help to me and my business over the past few years in collecting outstanding debts. He was extremely thorough and informative throughout the whole process. He was always there to answer any and all questions. I would highly recommend him for any and all legal situations.
-Shauna Ensinger – a year ago

Well first and foremost I would like to thank Stephen for taking the time to work with us and explained to us very clearly as to what we are to expect, and everything he told us, HE ABSOLUTELY DID! Thank u Stephen for coming through for my family and I u are to be commended and very appreciated!!!! 😊
-Jamie Jenkins – a year ago

Steve takes the time and walks through each step of the process and explain in detail what to expect. He does this with honesty and compassion. I highly recommend.
-Angie Thompson – a year ago

Steve was very knowledgeable and easy to work with. He handled everything very professionally and quickly. I would highly recommend Steve and use him again.
-Cody Dombach -a year ago

Over many years, we’ve had the privilege of entrusting important business and personal legal matters to the very gifted, yet humble Mr. Grosh. Personable and professional, Mr. Grosh remains a prolific example of honesty and integrity as he produces meaningful results for his clients. A rare blend of detail-orientation, quick wit, kindness, and grit, Mr. Grosh is an exemplar of what the legal profession should be.
-Nora Pinefryn – a year ago

Mr Grosh was very straightforward with me and was very knowledgeable. I look forward to working with him in the future.
-Mike Schock -a year ago

Attorney Grosh has advised DellaCroce Dental Care on numerous occasions. His advice has always been insightful, direct, and timely. Contract Reviews, Employment Law and Business and Tax Law— Mr. Grosh has advised our office in all of these areas over the past 12+ years. He is knowledgeable and trustworthy. I highly recommend his firm
-Melissa DellaCroce-Grosh – a year ago

Stephen Groh’s was very responsive to my inquiry about the creation of a LLC. He answered my questions and provided guidance based on the problem I was looking to solve. He also explained the creation process to me. Highly recommend his services!
-Adam Bedger – a year ago

When I have a question or a concern or need a court case lawyer I always call Stephen grosh he is reasonably priced and always fights his hardest best lawyer in Lancaster county he has delt with 3 criminal court hearings a custody battle and is currently working on my wifes expungement of her record go to Stephen with any issues that arise
-David Thomas – a year ago

He was very knowledgeable
Answered all our questions made us fell very comfortable with all decisions
Very down to earth great personality would recommend him highly to anyone looking for an attorney
He helps you understand what is going on A great quality
-Candace Knepp – a year ago

All I have to say is GREAT LAWYER!
-Strictly Dollas -a year ago

The Law Office of Stephen W Grosh is outstanding to work with and I highly recommend this firm.
-Jon Sensenig – a year ago

Highly recommend this guy and the great job he does!!!!!!
-Michael Hernandez – a year ago

We were very pleased with Mr. Grosh and his abilities to help us walk through our sales tax audit appeal. He is knowledgeable in the sales tax auditing procedures and appeal processes with the entire event ending with good results for us.
-J.B. Eby, Business Manager of Metzler Forest Productions LLC

I must say, I’m very impressed by how you handled my case. I was backed into a corner with no hope in sight. But you Steve gave me options I didn’t know I had. You walked me thru every legal obstacle and talked to me like a human being. I have my life back. It’s a little different now but it’s very good. I wouldn’t be where I am if it wasn’t for your skills and excellent legal sense. Thank you for everything you have done. I couldn’t have a better lawyer.
-Wayne Shirk

Stephen Grosh is a wonderful lawyer. His services helped me to accomplish what I needed to do. Mr. Grosh made me feel like a real person and more like a friend. Any questions I had he was quick to answer them and assist in any way he could. He isn’t a lawyer who charges you for ever time you call or email a quick question. I recommend him because he can help you get the outcome you want.
Jessica Fasnacht, Manheim


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