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Every one needs an estate plan. For some, a simple plan with a will, power of attorney and advance directive may be enough. Others may need something more elaborate, but in the game of life, we all know how it will eventually end, and putting in place a viable estate plan that takes care of your obligations and distributes your assets in an orderly manner is a great favor to your heirs.

Complete Estate Planning Assistance

At the Law Office of Stephen W. Grosh, our attorney can help you understand all the nuances of Pennsylvania estate and probate law and develop a plan that meets you and your family’s needs.

Intestate Succession

The other important reason to create a plan is that if you do not have a will, your estate will go through probate “intestate” and your assets will be divided up according to a plan devised by the legislature. That plan may not be what you intended, the court will have no choice but to impose it.

A comprehensive estate plan helps you set your priorities for your future and sets expectations for your heirs. It can help avoid stress and confusion and lessens the chances of a disgruntled heir challenging a will. It also is helpful should you ever suffer some incapacity, from an illness or accident, with the use of powers of attorney and advance directives for health care. This allows your family and doctors to know your intentions for your care.

What Do You Need In Your Estate Plan?

We can help with all of the necessary elements of a comprehensive estate plan, including:

  • Will
  • Living wills or advance directives
  • Guardianship for your children
  • Trusts
  • Probate administration

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