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Child Custody: We Can Help You

A challenge presented by any child custody determination is the necessity of two people whose marriage is irretrievably broken to come to an agreement and work together for the best interests of their child or children. Every child custody case is unique and your outcome is unlikely to be similar to anyone you know who has experienced a divorce.

This is no small task, but the key is to remember that it is the children’s best interest that is the standard, not yours. When children suffer the ill effects of a relationship souring, it is the conflict and stress, not the legal process of separation that is painful. Many couples go on to raise happy, well-adjusted children, but they do so by making a conscious effort to reduce conflict and focus on their children’s best interest.


Ideally, you and your child’s other parent will be able to develop a parenting plan together. If you cannot, you will each be required to submit a parenting plan to the court, which will then decide how custody and visitation will be allocated. Our attorney can help you work through the process of creating a parenting plan and suggest how to best achieve a mutual agreement.

The advantage to this is that you know your family situation better than the court and, additionally, you will have to live with the schedule. The more control you and your child’s other parent can retain, the more successful your custody agreement is likely to be.

When Cooperation Is Not Possible

If your situation includes difficult issues, such as relocation, substance abuse, mental health, special needs of the children or other complex matters, we can help and when necessary, take a dispute to court. Our lawyer is a highly experienced trial attorney and will work to achieve your goals in the courtroom.

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