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No matter the charge, any criminal offense should always be seen as serious and you need to take action to minimize the threat those charges pose to your future. While an arrest and incarceration are an immediate concern, criminal charges can cause many serious problems for you in your future. We at the Law Office of Stephen W. Grosh can help you with an aggressive criminal defense for charges ranging from DUI to sex offenses and drugs.

“I Want A Lawyer”

Lancaster is a conservative area. Criminal charges often carry severe penalties, as well as a stigma. It is important to remember that once you have been stopped or apprehended by police, they are not your friends. Their job is to see that you are convicted. The less you say to them the better. Immediately ask for an attorney and then say nothing.

Why You Should Remain Silent

Police want you to talk. Even if you know you are entirely innocent, you don’t want to take the invitation. By speaking, you open yourself to the opportunity to make a mistake or misstatement. Being interrogated and arrested can be unsettling and terrifying. You have an urge to “explain” your situation and you may think that will cause the police to grant your release.

Remember Miranda

Don’t do it. Chances are, if they are speaking to you, no matter their stated reason, your liberty is at risk. If they have arrested you, there is nothing you can say that will lead to your release and always, always remember the words of the Miranda warning: “Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.” They are not kidding.

Experienced In The Courtroom

Our attorney is an aggressive, trial attorney. We do not build our cases to settle — we build them to win in the courtroom. While not every case will go to trial, our aggressive stance and reputation means prosecutors are more likely to offer better terms in a plea when they are uncertain they can win. We capitalize on that uncertainty for your benefit.

Our experience means we can defend you on a variety of charges, including:


How to Defend a Case in Front of a Jury

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