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How will your children perceive your divorce?

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2023 | Divorce Law

Anyone in Pennsylvania who is going through a divorce is sure to feel, at times, anger and frustration. However, when the divorce involves issues dealing with minor children as well, those feelings can be multiplied and, in fact, can be combined with other feelings such as uncertainty and helplessness. The biggest question of all for many people in this position is, how will the children perceive the divorce?

Getting through divorce

A recent news article noted some tips for those who are looking for ideas about how to talk about their divorce with their children, and how to help usher them through the end of the marriage and into the post-divorce life that lies ahead. 

The first tip, as many of our readers might imagine, is to communicate more. Oftentimes, parents will limit what they tell their minor children about divorce because they are trying to protect them. But, as the recent article noted, kids may have a better capacity to understand your emotions and the legal process than you think.

Another tip mentioned in the article is to try to keep things consistent for your children, even as the divorce is proceeding. Routine can be comforting for children and, as the article noted, divorce can throw routines for a loop. If routines can be maintained, it could be more beneficial for your children.

Lastly, communication goes both ways. The article mentioned that it is important to listen to your children. Giving them your attention and answering their questions can help the children come to terms with what is happening.