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Reasons to avoid social media during your divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2023 | Firm News

Divorce is an emotionally draining time for anyone going through it, and it is normal for divorcing parties to seek an outlet for their feelings and frustrations during the divorce process.

For many people, social media is where they often vent and unwind. However, during a divorce, having an online presence can be dangerous and potentially risk hurting the outcome of your case.

How using social media can negatively impact your divorce

Using social media to vent about your marriage, the divorce process, parenting or any other personal matter, including places you attend or how you spend your money during your divorce can open the door to problems.

Your spouse or anyone on their behalf can easily find online information, take a screenshot and use it in the divorce to prove a point. If the divorce becomes contentious, which most of the time you cannot predict, the other party can use the information you reveal online to make accusations about you.

Can the court make decisions based on what you post?

The court can consider evidence provided by either party to determine a variety of things, including child custody and the best interests of the child, spousal support or alimony, and the division of assets, which can be impacted by your perceived spending habits.

The evidence can often be compelling and allow room for character assassination, even if it is not accurate. The other party could twist and manipulate the information you post to make you seem irresponsible or unfit to parent without revealing the complete picture of who you are.

What should you avoid posting on social media?

If you cannot avoid social media altogether during your divorce process, make sure you avoid posting:

  • Irresponsible behavior or actions
  • Announcements of divorce and the reasons for it
  • Disparaging comments about the other party
  • Anything that could reveal financial information

Remember that after the divorce is over and there is an order in place, you can go back to generally posting on your social media if it does not result in a cause for concern, which could lead the other party to file a motion to change the divorce or custody order.

Divorce is a trying time for anyone, and it is emotionally taxing. While you need an outlet for your feelings and frustrations and a robust support system, keeping your personal information private during your divorce proceedings is better.