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Nesting can solve some child custody-related issues

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2023 | Custody, Divorce Law

For divorcing parents, they must deal with all of the things all divorcing couples deal with, but then, all of the child custody-related issues as well. This leads many to look for creative ways to solve these child custody-related issues or make dealing with other divorce issues easier. One solution that has become much more popular recently for Lancaster, Pennsylvania, couples is nesting.

How does it work?

Nesting is a way of making the transition from divorced life to single life much easier on both the children and the parents. This is done by keeping the family home and the child’s life unchanged. This allows for the children to have a soft transition because their life is unchanged by the divorce. And, for the parents, they can cost-share.

Depending on the nature of the divorce and the relationship between the soon-to-be divorced couple, they could even still live on the property, just in separate rooms or in separate structures. If that is not possible, they could even share an off-property apartment near the home since they would only need it when not at the home parenting.


For the parents and kids, nesting can take all of the normal logistical hurdles and headaches out of the divorce. This gives everyone time to deal with the emotional effects. With the help of family therapy and counseling, everyone can start their new lives with good mental health. From the monetary perspective, the cost sharing of nesting can also save the parents a lot of money.

Amicability and communication

Unfortunately, nesting is not an option for all divorcing couples. You need two keys: amicability and good communication. And, for many Lancaster, Pennsylvania, divorcing couples, these two key traits are the reason why they are divorcing, which is why nesting would not work.