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Getting caught up in a drug bust

Sometimes a Pennsylvania resident will end up facing drug-related charges after a nearly random encounter with police, such as a traffic stop. The police may pull over the person for a minor traffic infraction and, while talking to the person, see drug paraphernalia in their car. This gives them probable cause to search the vehicle, and leads to the arrest and charges.

Other times, drug arrests follow a long investigation. After gathering evidence, the police get a warrant to search a location, and in that search they gather enough evidence to begin arresting suspects.

And sometimes, drug charges come out of circumstances that are something of a combination of factors. This appears to have been the case in a recent police operation in Pennsylvania.

Robbery leads to drug bust

According to news reports, police were executing a search warrant in connection to a robbery when they discovered a large amount of illegal drugs.

Police said three men had robbed a bar at gunpoint. In investigating the robbery, the police secured a warrant to search an apartment. In the apartment, they said they found cocaine, heroin and other drugs, along with a number of weapons. They arrested the man they found in the apartment, but are still looking for the three men who allegedly robbed the bar.

Caught up in a drug bust

A major drug bust can lead to the arrests of many people. Some of them may have had little to do with a drug trafficking operation, but end up facing serious charges.

Everyone accused of a crime has the right to a defense. In complex cases, it’s especially important for the accused to seek out experienced legal help.