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How can parents successfully co-parent?

On Behalf of | May 10, 2022 | Uncategorized

One of the biggest fears divorcing parents have is the effect their divorce will have on their children. However, successful co-parenting can lessen that effect on Lancaster kids.

Communication is key

The backbone of a successful co-parenting relationship is communication. Indeed, many marriages fail because of a lack of communication or different communication styles. This means that divorcing parents often start with communication issues, which is why many industry experts recommend joint counseling before marriage and, sometimes, even after. Regardless of whether a couple decides to seek help to effectively communicate, at the outset, both parents must agree to work toward a productive relationship and communicate accordingly.

Keep the best interests of the child at heart, and ensure that there are multiple, open and direct communication channels, including face-to-face, over the phone, texting, email, messaging applications, etc. But, the child should never be one of those channels.


If a co-parenting relationship breaks down, there will likely be continued litigation, which means that both spouses should document everything. This includes dates, times, witnesses, agreements, etc. Keep these records up-to-date and recorded contemporaneously with the events to ensure one is not trying to recreate an event months or years later.

Rock-solid schedules

Children need and thrive with consistency, which is why co-parenting schedules must be rock-solid and only change when emergencies emerge. If conflicts arise, they should be addressed well in advance (think months, not days). This will relieve much of the anxiety that the chaos of divorce can cause our Lancaster, Pennsylvania, children.

Stay calm

Life happens, and sometimes, stuff comes up. When it does, do not overreact. Keep calm, even when your ex-spouse is doing everything they can to annoy or irritate you. For most surprises, the world is not ending, and there is a way to solve the situation, as long as level heads prevail. Remember, the children are watching and listening, and the goal is to show a united front, singularly concerned with their well-being and happiness.

Solve issues in private

If there is a disagreement or an issue, do not hash it out in front of the kids. Do it privately, and if a Lancaster, Pennsylvania, third party is needed, use one.