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5 essential items to include in your estate plan

While most people understand many benefits result from creating a will to distribute their property after they die, only about four out of every 10 Americans have created an estate plan.

Wills and trusts are key parts, but a comprehensive estate plan contains many other documents to protect you and your legacy while helping your loved ones deal with a difficult time.

Five key components to consider

Too many people are confused or don’t want to think about end-of-life decisions. However, an experienced estate planning attorney demystifies the process to identify the best strategy for your situation. This includes:

Reviewing an estate plan is crucial

Once you get an estate plan in place, make sure you update it when changes happen, such as births, deaths, marriages, divorces, retirement or any other life events that could change how you want your estate administered.

Finally, make sure trusted family members or friends know that you have an estate plan in place and where they can find the documents. Doing this helps ensure that the estate process moves as smoothly and efficiently as possible.