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Choosing an attorney is often difficult. For many, it may be their first encounter with the law and they are stressed and confused. At Law Office of Stephen W. Grosh, we understand. Our attorney recognizes your urgent need for representation with a DUI or other criminal charges or the challenges of a divorce or heated child custody dispute.

Solving Everyday Legal Issues In Lancaster

We are a Lancaster law firm, and we help the people of this community deal with their everyday legal issues. Our lawyer spends much of his day in the courts of this county, handling and resolving difficult legal issues, and this experience means we understand the personalities and styles of the judges in our courts.

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Every Case Is Unique And Different

This may be a truism, but it exists for good reason. No matter how common your issue may be, your options and outcome will not be exactly the same as anyone else. Your potential resolution to a DUI or drug charge, the type of custody arrangement that works for your family, the estate plan you need or the legal issues your business faces are all unique.

We get that. We also understand that any proceeding involving lawyers or the courts is especially stressful. We work to calm your fears by carefully explaining how the law applies to your situation. We also explain your options and provide our recommendations on how to achieve the best possible outcome for your unique circumstances.

Our lawyer lives in Lancaster and works here to help individuals deal with challenging legals situations. We understand good people make mistakes and suffer difficulties and our goal is to help them resolve their issues and move forward with their lives.

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