Real Help From An Experienced Lancaster Attorney

Picking a lawyer is never easy. You often are choosing during a time of stress, like an arrest, a divorce, when someone is ill or has died or during a crisis in your business. You may not have a lot of experience working with lawyers and the law can be intimidating and confusing.

At the Law Office of Stephen W. Grosh, we have 15 years of experience here in Lancaster handling the types of cases you are most likely to need assistance with. We understand your predicament and we strive to educate and inform as well as lead you to a positive resolution for your legal matter.

Criminal Defense To Business Law

We can help you with a variety of legal issues. From dealing with a DUI or drug charge to help with a divorce, child custody, estate planning or business law matter, we can help with respectful and knowledgeable legal representation.

We know legal situations can cause anxiety and uncertainty. We work to help you understand the law, your facts and your range of options. We want you to be a participant in your case, and we want you to understand the ramifications of your choices.

We never forget, no matter how complex the legal issue, that behind all of those issues are real people and we practice law in an effort to help you resolve your matter with compassion and respect.